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FORUM: 20 Years of Innovative Government and Private Partnerships: Protecting Hawai'i's Forests
WEDNESDAY, August 1, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Room 312

In 1992, two unique and innovative programs were launched to help build better relationships between government entities and private land owners. The goal was to manage natural resources on both public and private lands more effectively. These State programs, the Forest Stewardship Program (FSP) and the Natural Area Partnership Program (NAPP) were codified into law to assist with the recovery of Hawaii's diminishing forests and watersheds.

The Division of Forestry and Wildlife will hold a one hour forum to review the first twenty years and begin the collaboration with other agencies to discuss what the next twenty years will require.

Agenda for 20 years of building strong relationships

0-10 Minutes: Welcome and Overview of the Establishment of the Programs - Leah Laramee

Abstract: In 1991, Govenor Waihe‘e introduced a bill to the legislature to establish the Natural Area Partnership Program (NAPP) and The Forest Stewardship Program, two new programs that would encourage private landowners to work with the State to actively manage their lands.

10-20 Minutes: Natural Area Partnership Program- Randy Kennedy

Abstract: The Natural Area Partnership Program (NAPP) encourages private landowners to work with the State to protect important biological resources. The program complements the Natural Area Reserves System (NARS) and emulates its standards of natural resource protection on state lands on private lands. The program has been challenged by limited funding and statutory requirements but has grown steadily. Today there are 8 Natural Area Partnerships protecting over 30,000 acres of biologically important lands. The NAPP program is now looking at what changes can be made to limit the challenges and increase the successes of the program.

20-30 Minutes: Forest Stewardship Program - Sheri Mann

Abstract: Forest Stewardship Program -is a private landowner incentive program with 3 primary goals 1) reforestation, 2) conservation and 3) forest product development. This flexible program has a minimum 10 yr contract but they often last as long as 30 years. Forest Stewardship management plans are used to engage other funding programs as well such as the Forest Legacy Program, Environmental Quality Incentive Program, and the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program. Used throughout the State, Forest Stewardship has engaged 36 landowners and improved forested areas on 16,777 acres.

30-60 Minutes: Closing Panel for discussion and recommendations for the future of government and private entity programs. Speakers & Melissa Irene Sprecher

Chair: Leah Laramee